New FMC 3 Mode of Action Foliar Fungicide Targets Late-Season Diseases

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PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 10, 2022 – FMC is launching Adastrio fungicide on a limited commercial basis for the 2023 crop season. Adastrio fungicide is a foliar fungicide that combines three modes of action and is the first fungicide to use the newest molecule in the SDHI class, fluindapyr. This fungicide is built to provide broad-spectrum control of key foliar diseases and help protect yield potential all the way through to harvest.

Adastrio fungicide is labeled for use in corn, grain sorghum, wheat, triticale and barley against anthracnose leaf blight, common rust, gray leaf spot, Northern corn leaf blight and Southern rust. Herbicide

New FMC 3 Mode of Action Foliar Fungicide Targets Late-Season Diseases

“With Adastrio fungicide, we have a unique combination of three active ingredients: fluindapyr (Group 7), flutriafol (Group 3) and azoxystrobin (Group 11). The result of bringing these active ingredients together is a flexible and efficient foliar disease management tool for growers. It has a broad application window in corn, a low use rate and long-lasting residual control,” says Gail Stratman, regional technical service manager for FMC.

Unique combination of active ingredients

Each active ingredient in the fungicide brings a different layer of activity and protection. Fluindapyr is a new molecule in the SDHI class exclusively from FMC. It provides broad-spectrum activity against a range of foliar diseases, has residual properties, delivers strong rust control and reduces abiotic stress during grain fill after application. Studies have also shown fluindapyr controls pathogens that are resistant to other chemical classes. Flutriafol is the most systemic triazole on the market, and azoxystrobin provides superior rust control.

“Adastrio fungicide is particularly suited for those corn growers facing late-season foliar diseases. The preventative and curative activity, and long residual activity make it ideal for targeting those diseases that impact grain fill,” Stratman says. “Also, research has shown that fungicides containing an SDHI and strobilurin, like Adastrio fungicide, can help boost plant stress tolerance and provide additional growth benefits.”

Offering a broad application window, Adastrio fungicide can be applied in early vegetation and from the VT-R3 stages in corn to manage for the specific disease spectrum growers face. When making an application, the labeled use rate is 7-9 fl. oz./A., a low use rate that ensures application, transportation and storage convenience.

Building a strategy for managing early- and late-season foliar diseases

Corn growers typically face multiple foliar diseases at different stages throughout the growing season. Studies have shown that Xyway 3D fungicide and Xyway LFR fungicide from FMC to be viable solutions to manage early-season foliar diseases like gray leaf spot and Northern corn leaf blight. Given disease spectrum and environmental conditions, growers may require the need for both early- and late-season disease management to protect yield potential.

 “A program built around starting at-plant with Xyway brand fungicides followed later in the season with a foliar application of Adastrio fungicide can help maximize growers’ ability to manage disease all season long,” says Nick Michalisin, fungicide product manager for FMC. “Employing a strategy like this is an effective and efficient approach to proactively manage for yield-robbing diseases.”

In situations where corn growers choose to apply both Xyway brand fungicides and Adastrio fungicide on the same field in the same season, a reduced use rate of Xyway brand fungicides is recommended. Growers should consult with their local FMC retailer and the Adastrio fungicide product label for specific use rate recommendations.

“At FMC, we are committed to continuing to develop and introduce novel disease management solutions that help growers address their evolving foliar disease challenges and protect their yield potential,” Stratman says. “Adastrio fungicide is that next step and delivers growers the flexibility and control they need to be successful.”

Read the Adastrio fungicide fact sheet and technical sheet.

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New FMC 3 Mode of Action Foliar Fungicide Targets Late-Season Diseases

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